Aerial survey

- Aug 26, 2018-

Aerial survey, now also known as Photogrammetry and remote sensing. Of remote sensing is the science of surveying and mapping science and remote sensing science and technology in space science, e-science, Earth science, computer science, and other subjects penetration and integration on the basis of the development of a new discipline, which uses non-contact sensor to obtain a spatio-temporal information about the target. Not only looks at Yu solution traditional target of geometry positioning, more important of is on using outer space sensor gets of image and non-image information for semantic and non-semantic solutions translation, extraction objective world in the various target object of geometry and physical features information, to for people awareness natural and transformation natural provides science of technology and method; for national and sector of major decision and the social sustainable development provides science according to and decision guarantees; for defense construction and national security provides Visual of of military intelligence service. Because of its scientific, technical, application, and service covers a wide range of fields of science and technology and, therefore, its application has been reaching out to economic construction, social development, national security and people's lives and other areas.

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