Amazing Halloween Frights You Can Make With An Arduino

- Oct 31, 2018-

It's fun to learn electronics with Arduino, but trick-or-treating with Arduino is a fantasy. Get your back covered when they come begging this year — and if they make it through the scary stuff, all the way to your door, then at least you'll know they really deserve some candy.

1. Creepy Cackling Cauldron

You enter the witch's den and slowly approach the glowing, bubbling cauldron.As you get closer, the evil screaming inside rises to fever pitch with each step, and the swirling fog on the dark surface will engulf you forever.

Creepy Cackling Cauldron

2. Demon Mask Costume

Does your face look too human?It's a problem - kids are used to humans, so any attempts to intimidate them will be mitigated when they see a face you're familiar with.Use the devil mask to correct this.

Demon Mask Costume

3. Moving Skull

A simple unhinged skull connected in a separate servo with several leds in the eye.Put it on the ground and cover it with a net, which is a prop you really wouldn't expect to start moving, so the effect is even more terrifying.


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