Analysis on advantage of internal sensor and drag coexistence

- Aug 24, 2018-

Statistics show that currently about 6000 kinds of sensor products in China and abroad has reached more than 20,000 more, could hardly meet the domestic market demand. High-end sensor in imports accounted for more than 80%, sensor chip import was 90% and localization of gap is huge. Digitalization, miniaturization, intelligent, serious shortage of high-tech products. Major equipment required for high-end products mainly rely on imports. Involving national security and major works required sensors and intelligent instrumentation abroad often limited in China.

In fact, the sensor industry in China has developed advantages in certain areas. First technology, Afar Valley such as business in the ultra-high frequency RFID products occupy the domestic market share of 90%. According to the xiangcai securities research report, Hanwei electronics domestic market share as high as 60% gas sensor, gas detection instruments and market share of 9%.

In the modern industrial production, especially in automated production process, using a variety of sensors to monitor and control the various parameters of the production process, so that devices work under normal state or best, and so achieve the best quality of products. So we can say, without a large number of excellent sensors, basis of modernization of production lost.

Problems in China's sensors and Instrumentation components, mainly for the lack of technological innovation, especially in such areas as the core manufacturing technology and key components of development. In addition, our product quality, level, and scientific research and also there is a large gap, leading to industrial development and insufficient, these are for our future development of instrumentation industry resistance.

In China in the future will be the sensor, flexible components, optical components, dedicated circuits for point objects, with a focus on services for industrial control, automotive, communications, environmental protection and other fields, develop based on MEMS technology, integrated, intelligent and networked technologies, in particular enhance the ability of independent innovation.

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