Arduino Projects With Diy Instructions

- Nov 23, 2018-

Arduino Projects with detailed step by step guide

Arduino Radar (Sonar)

The radar can detect objects in front of it and map them on PC screen using the Processing IDE.

For this project you just need two components along with an Arduino board, and that's an ultrasonic sensor and small servo motor. The range of the radar can be adjusted to up to 4 meters with 180 degrees rotation.

Range Measurer and Digital Spirit Level

Here's another project utilizing the HC-SR04 ultrasonic sensor. This time we will use it to make an distance meter which can measure distances up to 4 meters, as well as, measure square area.

Range Measurer and Digital Spirit Level

Arduino Robot Arm

When it comes to automated manufacturing, robot arms play big role with so many applications. They are often used for welding, assembling, packing, painting, pick and place tasks and much more. This Arduino project is actually a robotic arm made out of 3D printed parts, servo motors joints and controlled using an Arduino Nano. What’s even cooler we can control the robot arm wirelessly via a smartphone and a custom build Android application.


Arduino Robot Car

The combination of DC motors and Arduino is always fun, and so is this project. Here we will build our own robot car from scratch. The car will be powered with Li-ion batteries and two 12V DC motors, and controlled using the L298N driver and an analog Joystick.


Arduino Game Project

This game project is based on the popular Flappy Bird game for smartphones. Using the touch screen we control the bird while trying to avoid the pillars.

For this project we need a 3.2 inches TFT Touch screen, an TFT Mega shield adapter and an Arduino Mega board. The code is a bit longer but everything is explained in details.



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