Basic knowledge of electronic components

- Aug 18, 2018-

Electronic components are components and devices in General.

Electronic component production and processing in the factory without changing the word component of the finished product. Such as resistors, capacitors, and inductors. Because it does not produce electronics, its voltage, current-free control and transform, also known as passive devices.

Electronics production and processing in the factory changed the molecular structure of the finished product. For example, transistors, vacuum tube integrated circuit. Because it produces electronic, control, transformation of voltage and current (enlarge, transfer switches, rectifiers, detectors, vibration and etc) also known as destiny.

A, basics-electronic components-resistors

Resistor symbols r, expressed in ohms, is a current-limiting component, represents the way the size of the conductors of electric current. Can be divided into wire-wound resistors, carbon film resistor resistance, sensitive resistors, insurance and so on, and so on, including sensitive resistor according to their sensitivity to different, can be divided into the varistor, photo resistor, Thermistor, and so on. Has been present in various circuits, voltage, shunt, impedance matching, filtering in different roles.

Second, the basics-electronic components-capacitors

Capacitor symbol is c, expressed in Farah, is a kind of loaded containers, consisting of two metal plates and a layer of insulation, which "communication, DC resistance" feature. In a circuit with coupling, filtering, decoupling, resonant, bypass, neutralization, differential, integral, and other functions, as well as resistance, is a ubiquitous electronic components in a circuit.

Third, the basics-electronic components-inductors

Inductors, symbols l, Henry, is a component that can be converted to magnetic energy stored energy, also known as chokes, reactors, etc. Complete the obstacle of an inductor current change function; when the inductor current to flow through, will attempt to impede the flow of current; when there is current flow through, will try to maintain the flowing current is not the same. "DC, and Exchange" features often appear as the LC circuits together with capacitors.

Basics-four, electronic components-diodes

Diode is a device that only two electrodes, which essentially is a p-type semiconductor and an n-type semiconductor PN junction composed of. "Is conducting, the reverse as" feature, allows current in one direction only through the rectifier, detector, voltage can be accomplished in the circuit and many other features. According to the different uses, can also be divided into rectifier diodes, diode, Zener diode, light emitting diode, switching diodes, and other.

Five basics-electronic components-transistors

Transistor, is a three-electrode device, also known as the double pole transistor, transistor, essentially two PN junction in a semiconductor substrate to be separated into base, emitter and collector area, which leads to the base, collector and transmitter three electrodes, according to the structure can be divided into NPN and PNP type.

Transistor is a current-controlled current of semiconductor devices, has a current amplifier, used as a switch, substitution effects, is now widely found in all circuits.

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