Concise but not simple raspberry pi Zero W evaluation

- Aug 30, 2018-

"How to evaluate the 2017 new Raspberry Pi Zero W?" few people answered, probably because the Raspberry Pi Zero W just launched, the supply is tight.

From the design point of view, Pi Zero W only uses the layout of single-sided PCB. Compared to the Raspberry Pi Zero, the hardware upgrade of Pi Zero W is mainly here. This is the same Cypress BCM43438 WiFi/BT wireless chip as the Raspberry Pi 3, providing 802.11n wireless network and Bluetooth 4.1 connection.

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In addition, Pi Zero W adds a CSI interface to Pi Zero, which also makes the board layout more compact. If you carefully explore the hardware design of Pi Zero W, you will find a lot of surprises. For example, this WiFi/BT solution has a very novel antenna design and is designed by Swedish antenna expert Proant AB.

On the PCB of the Raspberry Pi Zero W, all 6 layers of copper foil at the antenna position were hollowed out. The 2.4 GHz resonator was driven by a capacitor. The whole design formed the Pi Zero W antenna. The most important thing is,it is said that this antenna has better performance than the ceramic antenna on the Pi 3.

The actual characteristics of the Raspberry Pi Zero W are as follows:

BCM2835 processor, 1GHz, 512MB RAM

BCM43438 WiFi / BT chip

micro-USB power connector

micro-USB OTG interface

miniHDMI port

Composite video and reset extension interface

Fragile CSI camera interface

micro-SD card ,store operating system

40-pin GPIO expansion interface

Size: 65mm*30mm

In general, raspberry pi Zero W does have an improvement, such as price and wireless signal strength. As a portable and compact open source veneer computer, raspberry pi Zero W has the best and most extensive ecosystem of open source veneer computing.

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