Fuse of the temperature rise of the significance of the study

- Aug 25, 2018-

Fuse of the temperature rise of the significance of the study? Fuse temperature rise mainly refers to the fuse flow rate of 1.1 times (110%) when the rated current of fuse temperature rise value. Is the actual temperature minus the ambient temperature of the measured values.

UL standards online it value at 75 degrees centigrade. Because the fuse melt at room temperature is more sensitive, so, in the presence of certain high temperature for a long time, its melting temperature and impedance changes will occur, when such change will affect the accuracy of the fuse. This is what we often say that the ageing of fuses. (Recommended reading: explains what fuse of the voltage drop)

Aging fuses to be used in the circuit is very dangerous, so we're making and should be very careful when using fuse fuse of temperature rise. Similarly, we should note that the fuse even if used for a long time there is no fuse, we should have speculated he may have been aging, more accurate measurements, should be noted at this time, and then replaced.

So the fuse in the circuit is obvious, but at the same time should also pay attention to life. Finally, with regard to study the significance of temperature rise of fuse, I believe we all understand it. Electric Industrial Co was set here to answer your questions.

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