How 3D Printing Can Improve Your Thanksgiving Holiday

- Nov 19, 2018-

Start a new Thanksgiving tradition

Not every American family watches the football during their lunch break around Thanksgiving. For those who enjoy doing something different, 3D printed animal-themed chess offers an irresistible way to stimulate the brain while the stomach processes dinner.It also offers an acceptable way to help you avoid talking politics and religion with distant relatives.

Save the cat from a gang of rowdy toddlers

Fluffy’s going to snap and do something you’ll regret if your sister’s twins corner her again this year at Thanksgiving. 3D printed cat armor may help.This spiked protective coat made of black filament provides additional confidence to your innocent feline friends. The chest tag, with a blurry skull outline, provides a solid "away" message, which may not mean much to a pair of toddlers, but will give their parents clarity.

3D printed cat armor

Express yourself

Thanksgiving Day is a traditional holiday when families and friends get together to eat traditional food.When deciding how to dress, consider making an unconventional 3d-printed accessory.

Decorate and entertain

Maybe you're looking forward to football, Turkey, a siesta and a traditional Thanksgiving.3D printing offers a simple and fun way to decorate your holiday table.Complete a great project using PLA filament. 

A simple turkey model are also a nice addition to a traditional holiday table.


In Kuongshun, we sell 3D printer ourselves. With a 100% satisfaction guarantee, you can feel free to invent, play, and printing. Happy Thanksgiving to our 3D printing company!

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