How to develop IoT apps

- Sep 27, 2018-

It’s free and simple to develop Windows 10 Internet of Things apps for microcomputers. 

Microcomputer boards such as the Arduino and Pi,is becoming more popular not only among developers, but among hobbyists as well.Some readers here may have played with them and the development tools they come with.

There are a number of projects on the web, ranging from trivial to complex.The possibilities of using these boards are limited, with only one person's imagination.

The term given over to small electronic devices that interface with the internet and the real world is the 'Internet of Things', or IoT. 

Getting started

If you have a paid-for version of Visual Studio, you need to do a custom install and select the checkbox "Universal Windows App Development Tools | Tools and Windows SDK". 

Development first steps

When you open Visual Studio and try to create a new project, you'll see an option under each of the languages in the Windows subfolder to create "Windows IoT Core applications". 

If you connect your microcomputer board to your network, Visual Studio should see it if you select Remote Machine, although I had to enter the Pi's IP address as it wouldn't discover the board. The IP address is probably most easily found by looking at the boot screen of Windows 10 Core on the Pi, by simply plugging in an HDMI monitor into the port on the board.

IoT apps

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