How to simplify your model for 3D printing

- Sep 18, 2018-

The best way to simplify complex 3D printing models is to reduce the triangular mesh.This process is sometimes called extraction, and it takes away a lot of complex geometry, which is good for the online model, but not so good for the model on the print bed.

All the STL files are made up of lots of triangles some big, some small, and they replicate the curves and bumps that you see on the model, so when you see a curve you see hundreds and hundreds of little triangles that make it look curved.

With 3D Builder, we can extract these triangles to reduce complexity and reduce model printing time, thus saving our filament.

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Once you select the model you want to extract, you can load it into the 3D Builder.From there you need to edit the TAB and click simplify.

Once you've shrunk your model down to the right level, you can do things to make sure it still looks good, prints well, hollows, smoothes and fixes.


By hollowing out your model, you reduce the amount of plastic needed to print it.Now a lot of slicing software will automatically hollow out your model and use infill to fill the space, but sometimes that's counterproductive.Many models require very little padding to print successfully.


Using the 3D generator smoothing tool will help you with some models to eliminate some sharp edges causing reduced faces.

Netfabb Model Repair

Using a repair service like Netfabb is always the last thing I do before setting a model into a slicer for printing. 

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