Limits of the Raspberry Pi

- Aug 31, 2018-

As a small form, single-board computer, there are some limitations to what the RPi can do, as would be expected. The original Raspberry Pi can reach its limits when used in harsh industrial environments. Due to the compact size of the computer, even slightly higher ambient temperatures cause the core temperature to rise sharply. The compensating CPU throttling leads to massive performance losses.

Additionally, the microSD cards used as hard disks are only capable of a very limited number of write cycles so are not suitable for retentive memory use. This means that they aren’t capable of meeting some industrial requirements.

However, the newest version of the mini-PC, the Raspberry Pi 3B+, is capable of Gbit Ethernet and WiFi connectivity, making it a viable solution for Industry 4.0 applications. But there are still no industrial interfaces like RS485 or CAN.

Raspberry Pi Model 3B Expansion

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