Raspberry Pi 3 B+ features improves processor and networking

- Sep 26, 2018-

The Raspberry Pi Foundation has released an updated version of the Raspberry Pi 3, the Raspberry Pi 3 B+(Buy),faster processor and updated network capabilities.

"Like the original Raspberry Pi 1 Model B+, this is an attention-to-detail spin of the preceding product, driven by looking at what people have been doing in the wild," said creator Eben Upton.

"We improved wired and wireless connectivity, compressed more clock frequencies (mainly through better power integrity),adjusted thermal performance and added a power option over Ethernet.Individually, these are all good attributes, but I was surprised by their complementarity: the whole feels better than the sum of its parts."

One update that may prove to be the most significant for many Raspberry Pi customers is that the device now includes an RF shield, which allows the new board to claim FCC modular conformance. "This means that people developing products around Pi can go through a very short conformance testing process," Upton said.

 Raspberry Pi 3 Model B + Motherboard

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