Resistor basic structure, do you know?

- Aug 21, 2018-

Resistance is composed of the following components:

1, base plate base plate materials used 96% of alumina ceramic. substrate addition should have good electric insulation, also has excellent thermal conductivity at high temperature. electrical and mechanical strength and other characteristics.

2, resistor resistor pastes with a certain resistivity printed on a ceramic substrate, and is formed by sintering. resistor pastes with ruthenium dioxide.

3, the electrode is to ensure that the resistor has a good solderability and reliability, and generally use three-layer electrode structures:.. outer electrode.

4, and protection film will protection film cover in resistance film Shang, main is to protection resistance body. it while up mechanical protection role, on the makes resistance body surface has insulation sex, avoid resistance and near conductor contact and produced fault. in electric du Middle electrode of process in the, also can prevent electric du liquid on resistance film of erosion and led to resistance performance declined. protection film General is low melting point of glass slurry.

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