Roboze and FDM Digital Solutions Now Offering Extreme 3D Printing Services

- Nov 16, 2018-

Roboze and FDM Digital Solutions have now joined forces to create the Xtreme3DParts network. Xtreme3DParts will be a global network of additive manufacturing centers for the on-demand production of parts made from high-performance polymers for what Roboze calls "extreme applications." Target industries include aerospace, automotive, F1 and industrial sectors.

Roboze is the first company that can use high-performance polymer to produce 3D printing, starting with the desktop Roboze one +400. At formnext this week, the company announced its new Xtreme 3D printer series for the most demanding applications, and this along with the formation of the Xtreme3DParts network suggests that Roboze is shifting its focus toward a vision of 3D printing that is more industrial than ever.

Overall, attitudes to 3D printing are changing.With advances in polymer materials, it is increasingly viewed as a way of making simple visual prototypes. It even evolved functional prototypes of the past and allowed the production of actual parts that could work under harsh conditions, such as the hood of a car. Now that the technology has that capability, more and more companies are looking to enter what Roboze calls an extreme 3D printing trend.Not all companies are producing polymers with such high-performance potential, but many are working to achieve that goal. A network of providers offering such 3D printing capabilities could inspire them to go after Roboze and other companies that have reached the limits of 3D printing - and perhaps offer similar services themselves.

One of Roboze’s high-performance polymer parts

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