Sony celebrates building 10 million Raspberry Pi devices

- Sep 26, 2018-

Sony has revealed it's manufactured 10 million of the 14 million Raspberry Pi devices it's shipped so far in Wales,putting the tiny country on the map as a major tech producer.

In fact, the Japanese manufacturer has pledged to produce microcomputers in wales, and it has had to more than double its workforce in the region to ensure it can meet supply demand.

"The last five years has seen unprecedented growth across our Pencoed facility, something we are understandably incredibly proud of," Sony's UK TEC managing director Steve Dalton said.

Raspberry Pi's creator Eben Upton also praised the efforts of employees and SONY and its partners, saying it contributed greatly to the success of microcomputers.

Despite the successes to date, Upton thinks it's still going to take time before Raspberry Pi 4 is ready for release, saying technical developments are holding the foundation back from being able to develop the next iteration of the device.

Sony celebrates building 10 million Raspberry Pi devices

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