Top Five Facts About Raspberry Pi 3

- Aug 30, 2018-

Raspberry Pi

What is Raspberry Pi 3?First heard of Raspberry Pi and want to know if there are any other products?Already familiar with the Raspberry Pi 2 and want to know the biggest highlights of the Raspberry Pi 3?

1.You can do almost anything with Raspberry Pi.As Pi gained unexpected popularity around the world, a large number of loyal users loved its features.The result is thousands of free projects on countless well-known websites and blogs.You can find free high-resolution pictures, charts, and code to help you play classic DOS games on Pi, create your own Pi picture frames, monitor your botanical garden, and even build your own always online seed download machine.

2.Storage is sold separately.Raspberry Pi is not equipped with onboard storage.The original Pi Model A and B used full-size SD CARDS, but later models used micro SD CARDS.The Pi quick start guide recommends using microSD CARDS with a continuous write speed of at least 4M/s.Depending on your expected read/write speed, choosing the latter can yield significant performance improvements without much cost.Although a microSD card size of 4 GB is recommended, this is usually for image installations.

3.You don't have to know Linux. If in doubt, you can check out Raspberry Pi's help and primer guide video. Often, the only thing you need to know is the WiFi connection information! If you just like to delve into the command line, then Raspbian is a good fit for your wishes. As a Debian-based operating system, you can find almost one port on all libraries. In a word, don't worry about the Raspberry Pi Linux system.

4.More powerful performance, connectivity and power management! Although the Raspberry Pi 3 and Pi 2 Model B look almost identical in appearance and price, the former is about 50% faster than the latter.

5.Rich external hardware! Equipped with GPIO plug-in expansion board for additional or upgrade functions such as sound card/graphics card, sensor, power relay. You can also use other peripherals such as cameras, touch screens, GPS antennas and even classic Nintendo consoles.

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