What is Raspberry Pi?

- Aug 30, 2018-

Raspberry Pi, designed to learn computer programming with education, was developed by the Raspberry Pi foundation, a uk-based charity that spearheads the project.It is the world's smallest desktop, also known as the card computer, shape only credit card size, but with all the basic functions of the computer, the system based on Linux.

Raspberry pi features

1. It has all the basic functions of PC and can perform many functions such as spreadsheet, word processing, playing games and high-definition video by simply turning on the TV and keyboard.Raspberry Pi B only offers PC board, no memory, power, keyboard, case or cable.

2.Live for learning, affordable, more than 30 dollars can be owned.

What is the use of raspberry pie?

Since its inception, it has been sought after by many computer enthusiasts and makers. Don't look at its appearance "small", the "heart" is very powerful, video, audio and other functions are all available, it can be said that "small as a sparrow, the five internal organs are complete"

Original UK Made Raspberry Pi 3 Model B 1.2GHz 1GB RAM WiFi Bluetooth

Quadrotor aircraft

Home theater

Car touch panel

Make a remote coffee maker

Six-legged walking robot

IPhone /iPad wireless printers

Two-dimensional code access control reservation management system

Simple temperature/wind speed real-time monitoring tool

Build a digital camera with WIFI

Low-cost COD drones

miniature remote-controlled tanks


The Raspberry Pi can do more than that.

Most of the things that computers can do can be done on the Raspberry Pi,with its low power consumption, mobile portability, and GPIO features, raspberry pie is a great choice for many things that are difficult to do well on a regular computer.

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