What to wear for Halloween?Check out these 3D-printed costumes

- Oct 30, 2018-

So it's getting closer to Halloween and you're scrambling for a costume idea, or you're missing that special piece to tie it all together. Well, instead of frantically buzzing around town looking for the right shop with the right stuff, have you considered 3D printed Halloween costumes? Fire up that printer and check out our list of 3D-printable masks and costume pieces to get all geared up for this year's spooking.

1.Colonel Joe Moore, better known as Immortan Joe, is the primary antagonist of Mad Max: Fury Road.He is the king of the fortress and the leader of the fanatical war boys - but you don't have to be a mad Max fanatic to understand how terrifying this mask is.

3d printed halloween costumes

2.Stormtrooper costumes are as common as pigeons these days, so why not rise above the low-ranking white helmets with this superb Death Trooper Mask?

3d printed halloween costumes

3.For those who don't tire of endless war jokes and want to be the big purple guy for Halloween, here's a perfect detail unlimited challenge with all the fixations.

3d printed halloween costumes

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Complete your last-minute costume using a 3D printer.

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