What You Can Do With Raspberry Pi

- Sep 11, 2018-

The Pi is a Linux computer, so technically it can perform whatever Linux computer can do, such as running E-mail and Web servers, as network storage or running as a VPN.But you can find a number of projects specifically made for Raspberry Pi: you can use it to teach kids how to code, turn it into a DIY game machine, use it as a media hub connected to your TV, build a camera to turn a stupid device into a smart device, and even make a modern Teddy Ruxpin.

You can even use Pi to simulate off-the-shelf technology, which is one of the best ways for me to learn how everyday technology works.It's almost never the simplest or most cost-effective option, but it can be an interesting way to learn new skills.You can make your own Amazon Echo like Alexa devices, wireless access points, chromecast-like devices, AirPlay receivers for streaming music, and even your own cloud file synchronization service.When you plug a bunch of words into the command line for 20 minutes and get a full-featured Amazon Echo, the joy you get is irreplaceable.

Many companies offer Raspberry Pi focused peripherals, which make it easier to tackle other impossible projects because you don't have to waste time figuring out how to do basic things like add a touch screen.You just buy it, insert it into Pi, and make something cool.For example, the official Raspberry Pi camera module lets you add a camera to Pi and use it as a point-and-shoot or monitor camera.Sense HAT can detect speed, direction and environmental conditions, and is ideal for weather stations.

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