Which Arduino Board Should I Use?

- Oct 14, 2018-

Arduino is one of the most famous development boards. You can attach sensor and actuator devices easily into the board. But which one should you be using?Each Arduino model has unique features. To optimize Arduino board usage, you should know and understand what kind of Arduino model it is. 

Arduino Boards for Beginners

An Arduino UNO board is a development board, there are many Arduino shields which are attached to the board.Arduino UNO has completed I/O protocols, such as digital and analog I/O, SPI, UART, and I2C/TWI, so you can utilize these I/O pins to work with sensor and actuator devices.

Arduino Boards for Advanced Users

In some cases you want to optimize your board’s I/O or want to debug your programs. The Arduino MEGA 2560 board provides more I/O pins (about 54 I/O pins) and advanced MCU to accelerate your program. This board runs on the top of MCU Atmega 2560 with an internal flash memory of 256 KB.

Arduino for Internet of Things

We can access the data from any device and anywhere. In the context of Arduino, it’s very useful if our boards can be connected to the Internet. Imagine your boards sense the physical object and then send it to our smartphone.

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