12 Sectors That Are Ripe For A 3D-Printing Revolution

- Nov 15, 2018-

A few years ago, 3D printing was considered a new thing, mainly for small-scale projects and prototypes.Today, the technology has exploded and is being used for things we once dreamed of, including mass production of car parts for manufacturers like Volkswagen.

While these emerging USES are impressive, 3D printing is far from fully functional.The Forbes technology committee's experts look at the latest industry trends and have some insight into which industries 3D technology could next impact.Below, 12 members share their predictions for the 3d printing revolution.

1. Full-Scale Manufacturing 

2. Local Small-Batch Production 

3. Prototyping 

4. Bio-Engineering 

5. Clothing And Textiles 

6. Home Improvement 

7. Aerospace

8. Hardware 

9. Housing 

10. Electronics 

11. Construction 

12. Infrastructure In Developing Countries

A 3D-Printing Revolution

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