3D Food Printing May Provide Way To Feed The World

- Oct 31, 2018-

The market for 3D food printing will reach $525.6 million by 2023, according to research and market forecasts.The global food technology industry is expected to reach $250 billion by 2022. However, this is still a healthy market segment, given that 3D printers have only recently started using food materials for printing.

Based on food processing technology, a variety of 3D printing technologies have been applied in this field to meet the needs of food design and material processing.The main types of 3D food printing technologies are FDM, selective sintering, adhesive injection and inkjet printing.

There are many problems and challenges facing the industry's niche, from the typographical nature of materials to finding ready-made printed materials.There are experimental projects of 3D printing food in space.

Commercial use is the largest end-user area for testing 3D food printing equipment at bakeries, high-end restaurants and retail stores.

3D Chocolate Printing

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