3D Printed Kayaks And Augmented Reality Are Part Of Saving The Environment

- Nov 03, 2018-

So far, it's clear that our environment needs a lot of help, or the consequences will be dire. While few seem to agree on the best way to solve environmental problems, many governments and other organizations around the world are taking important steps to leverage available resources. In Sweden, one resource is dense forests across the country. Paper Province is an industrial cluster aimed at leveraging Sweden's rich forest resources from plastic to wood and paper products.

Stafshede's wood 3D printer is the largest in the world for that type of material, It can print out the entire kayak in a matter of hours.Failure prints are no big deal, as they are easily shredded and recycled.

Much of the world believes that fossil fuels and plastics are indispensable to industry, but Paper Province is working to prove that that isn't the case. Fossil fuels are unlikely to disappear completely, but environmental initiatives like this show that our reliance on fossil fuels need not be so severe - indeed, there are other alternative sources of energy. 

There are reasons to worry about the environmental impact of 3D printing - after all, it does use a lot of plastic. But companies such as Melker Kayaks have shown that even 3D printing doesn't have to rely on tons of plastic, but instead can use more sustainable and recyclable materials.

Saving the Environment with Sweden’s Paper Province

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