3D Printed Ligaments Could Change The Way Common Injuries Are Treated

- Sep 29, 2018-

Ligament tears are increasingly common in sports.They are painful and debilitating and difficult to treat.The current standard is to replace torn ligaments with tendons, but that could lead to additional problems later.

Dr. Salas is currently working on creating 3D printed ligaments, which she says has never been done before. It’s an area of focus she has been working on for some time, with help from students and professors at the University of New Mexico.

Researchers have developed a special technique involving electrospinning, which uses electricity to make fibres.

Doctors could then take a CT or MRI scan of a patient's damaged joint and create an exact replica using 3D printing.This can reduce the invasive nature of surgery and can be a more durable solution, as the artificial 3D printed ligaments do not wear or weaken.

When 3d-printed organs are finally available, they will likely make people live longer than ever before.Before that, bioprinting had the ability to help people have a better quality of life in their natural life.

3D Printed Ligaments

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