3D Printing And A Smartphone Create An Inexpensive, Compact Interferometer

- Oct 30, 2018-

Smartphones have many functions, including scientific instruments.With some improvements and 3D printing, manufacturers have turned smartphones into microscopes, and in a paper entitled “Design of a 3D printed compact interferometric system and required phone application for small angular measurements,” a pair of researchers recorded how they used 3D printing and smartphones to make interferometers.An interferometer is a scientific instrument that is accurately measured by the interference of two beams of light.

The phone itself is equipped with a 13 megapixel count CMOS sensor with high resolution.Developed an Android application for airborne stripe processing and automatic evaluation of the Angle rotation of glass slides.

3D printing is used to make a variety of low-cost laboratory equipment, including reactors, drug testing systems and so on.The purpose of the researchers' paper was to demonstrate that a complex interferometer could be created using accessible,smartphones and 3D printing components.The device is not only inexpensive, but user-friendly and small, making it easy to carry and carry anywhere.

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