3D Printing And The Customization Of Porous Structures For Diabetic Insoles

- Nov 02, 2018-

Diabetic foot ulcers are very dangerous, so diabetics often have to wear special insoles to prevent them from happening. In a paper entitled “Design and 3D printing of adjustable modulus porous structures for customized diabetic foot insoles,” a group of researchers discussed using 3D printing to customize insoles for diabetics.

The researchers believe symptoms can be mitigated by reducing and spreading plantar pressure evenly, which can be achieved by customizing insoles with extra metatarsal domes and arch supports. Therefore, different insole areas should be allocated with different module localization support.Traditional manufacturing methods, such as molding and machining, cannot create insoles with different mechanical properties, but 3D printing can create porous structures with adjustable mechanical properties.

The researchers commented that the main limitation of the study was that only one structural unit was studied.Future research should extend the selection of other structural units to provide greater flexibility in low-modulus structural design, which will be applicable to a wider range of applications.

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