3D Printing Ligaments And Tendons

- Nov 17, 2018-

Researchers are trying to make it easier for people who have damaged ligaments and tendons to recover more quickly by using the patient's own cells to perform 3D bio-printing on the tissue.

A team at the university of Utah has developed a way to print cells on 3d to produce this type of human tissue stem cells from the patient's own body fat and print a layer of hydrogel to form tendons or ligaments, said robbie powers, an assistant professor of biomedical engineering at the university of Utah.They grow cells in vitro and then implant them in patients, he said in a university of Utah news release.

It's not easy for clinicians, because connective tissue like ligaments and tendons are complex patterns of different cells, Bowles said. For example, cells that make up tendons or ligaments must gradually migrate to bone cells so that tissue can attach to the bone.

He said the researchers were developing "a very controlled technology that could create a cell pattern and tissue that previous technologies could not create". "It allows us to put cells very specifically where we want them to be."

bioprinted tendons

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