3D Printing, Silicon Valley Style

- Nov 01, 2018-

It is well known that silicon valley is the birthplace of new technology and progress.So it makes sense to find an innovative new company that can push 3D printing (aka additive manufacturing) beyond prototype manufacturing, in the same place as the creators of other technologies that help shape the future of the world.

Silicon-based carbon is mainly used in industrial production.In fact, one of the company's slogans is, “Stop prototyping and start production.” Carbon, founded in 2013, pioneered a new additive manufacturing (AM) technology that USES light and oxygen to quickly produce products from liquid resin pools.

“We've taken the essence of digitization from silicon valley and brought innovation, materials science and additive manufacturing,” says Joe DeSimone, Carbon CEO and co-founder. “There are many different ways to innovate.”


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