A 3D Printed Symphony Of Violins Will Sound In Ottawa For 3D String Theory Concert

- Nov 01, 2018-

Some musicians and 3d printing enthusiasts combine their love of both by creating 3d printed instruments - the violin is one of the most common instruments. These talented violin-makers often create instruments that sound just as good as traditional instruments - but have you ever wondered what a few 3d printed violins would sound like in a symphony? That's what Laurent Lacombe, Co-Founder of Creadditive, and violin maker Charline Dequincey wanted to find out, So they spent months doing 3D printing for the Ottawa symphony orchestra and fine-tuning eight violins. The orchestra will play the 3D printed instruments in a performance called 3D String Theory, which will take place on November 4th.

3D printed violins do not sound like traditional xylophones. Lacombe said, but that's not the goal of the project - our goal is to see what happens when a new form of digital manufacturing is combined with traditional instruments. He doesn't think 3D printing will replace traditional manual production because the sound is different, but he thinks 3D printing is valuable for entry-level musicians who can't afford traditional violins.

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