Addihive Offers Powder Control System, Strives To Accelerate 3D Printing Uptake

- Oct 26, 2018-

In County Limerick, Ireland, a young company is striving to accelerate the spread of additive manufacturing technology. Addihive is dedicated to moving metal additive manufacturing from research and development to production.

One of Addihive's goals is to improve technology efficiency and save money by preventing waste of materials.The company has created a solution called Powder Loop, which sits on top of the 3D printer and monitors the printing process through all its stages.It collects metal particles for recycling and monitors the levels of oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen in the system to ensure the chemical integrity.

Addihive’s team of material scientists, additive technology engineers, High-quality engineers and advanced manufacturing engineers have accumulated many years of experience in the medical and aerospace industries, which are the fastest growing areas of the additive manufacturing industry. This experience is of great help to realize the goal of Addihive promoting industrial additive manufacturing.

Patrick Byrnes

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