Age Of Robots, Are You Ready?

- Aug 21, 2018-

Use of robots

1: elements is used to know the surroundings feel elements include visual perception, proximity, distance, such as non-contact-type sensors and sense, pressure sensation, touch, contact-type sensors. Which is essentially the equivalent of human facial features such as eyes, nose, ears, their functionality can be used, such as cameras, image sensors, ultrasonic generators, lasers, conductive rubber, piezoelectric components, pneumatic components, switch and other electrical components to achieve. 2: motion, react to external action; motion elements, intelligent robots need a trackless mobile mechanism, to accommodate such as ground, stairs, walls, stairs, ramps and other difficult terrain. Their function can use wheels, tracks, feet move, sucker, air cushion body to complete. In the campaign process to real-time control of the moving mechanism, which should include not only position control, but also control, position and force hybrid control, Flex rate control, etc. 3: elements of thinking, according to the elements of information to think out what action; thinking elements of the robot is the key in three elements, but also to give the robot the necessary elements. Thinking elements including judgment and logical analysis, understanding and other aspects of intelligence activities. These intelligence activity is essentially an information processing, and the computer is the main means to complete this process. Is an intelligent robot in aspect of perception, thinking, comprehensive, human machine systems, shaped not like people. Intelligent robot it has fairly well developed "brain". Works in the brain is the central computer, this computer has a direct contact with people who operate it. Most important is that such computers can be arranged according to purpose. Because of this, we say that robots are the real robots, although their appearance may vary.

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