AM-Flow Offers Automated Solution For Sorting 3D Printed Parts

- Nov 14, 2018-

At formnext this week, Dutch company AM-Flow is introducing its new Vision Robot, a tool that automatically removes and sorts 3D printed parts. Automation is increasingly becoming part of additive manufacturing, but the company notes that automation often stops when the 3D printing process starts.When the parts are taken out of the machine and sorted, people are often still needed, resulting in extra work, time, cost, and sometimes human error.Visual robots exclude humans from the equation by automatically classifying parts.

According to am-flow, the robot only needs an operator to do the amount of work required to complete the normal work of eight people.Visual robots can identify and classify between 200 and 10,000 parts a day, reducing labor costs by 80 percent.It is highly accurate, 95% correct in the first recommendation and 100% correct in the first three recommendations.It shows false positives that are close to zero.

Visual robots work in three modes: manual, continuous and semi-continuous.It can be customized to the type of 3D printer cluster used, and it is built from industrial-level components.It integrates seamlessly with other am-flow modules and has a user-friendly touch-screen operation console.

Sorting 3D Printed Parts

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