Apple Granted Patent For Faster 3D Printers

- Oct 25, 2018-

Global consumer electronics company Apple Inc. has been granted a patent for what the company hopes will allow the development of faster 3D printers.

Giving the .stl backronym “Standard Triangle Language” a whole new meaning, the patent experiments with an alternate deposition technique called “triangular tesellation.”

History of the Apple 3D printer

Rumors of apple developing a 3D printer began in 2015, when the company received a patent for a full-color FDM/FFF system. Following this, in 2017, Apple patented “Method for instructing a 3D printing system” and subsequently a further application for the aforementioned full color 3D printer.

Triangular tessellation

Sweet and Apple's latest patent expressly relates to “System, method and computer readable medium to improve the operation of the 3d printer system.”

Deposition diagram of triangular tessellation

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