Artificial Intelligence: Really Hot? Read These 10 Sets Of Numbers You Know

- Aug 28, 2018-

1.2020 market size of 5.05 billion dollars

According to the market research Markets and Markets, along with machine learning and natural language processing technology in media, advertising, retail, financial and health care sectors are widely, artificial intelligence market in 2014 from $ 420 million in 2020 and $ 5.05 billion.

Machine learning fields now form the Amazon, Microsoft and IBM third-strongest melee situation, and natural language processing technology by Nuance Communications's exclusive control.

2.AI will be 6 billion devices behind the brain

Market research firm Gartner said, expected in 2018, 6 billion devices around the world will use artificial intelligence technology. These devices include Internet appliances, cars and things like wearable device networking products.

3.AI startup gobbles up $ 5.4 billion in investments

Now, with AngelList (equity raised platform) at famous name of AI start-up companies has reached a 1031, their average was valued at $ 5.2 million, so they can draw venture approximately $ 5.4 billion. In the more than 1000 companies, best known for Autonomous robot company, Crux and AI software developer team productivity social networking aggregators Zero Slant.

4.80% industry executives believe that AI will boost productivity

AI language Narrative Science recently studies have shown that 80% industry executives believe that AI technology to dramatically improve productivity and create new jobs. In addition, two-thirds executives believe speech recognition technology is that they use the most frequent AI technology.

5. the majority of mobile phone users using voice Assistant

Natural language processing technology specialist Nuance Communications is the brains behind Apple's Siri, on the technical level was significantly higher than Google Now, and Cortana and Amazon's Alexa.

Actually quite weird about talking to their phone this idea at first, but recent studies show that only 2% Siri-free for iPhone users, and users who are not using Google Now is 4%, voice Assistant feature is already quite popular.

6. Virtual Assistant will help you decide

Gartner believes 2020 neural network cloud to store user data will drive the 40% human-computer interaction. This means that you disclose to Facebook, Google and Amazon's data will be a cloud of AI "ingredients", it predicted according to your preferences on your favorite "dish".

7. in 2020 most human service will be laid off

In addition, Gartner says customer service around 2020 85% will be done by artificial intelligence. Automatic analysis of the company believes that social media channels, customer relationship management software and personal chat robot will greatly reduce the emergence of artificial demand for customer service. Recently, Facebook chat integration of robots into the Messenger software, which will be responsible for the future of customer service.

8. within the next ten years, 16% AI will replace existing jobs

Research firm Forrester believes that AI will take in the next decade 16% of the United States to work. However, the AI's rise will create many new jobs such as maintenance staff of these AI platforms and devices.

Instead of AI's rise is not just customer service staff, medical assistants will be available to allow many of the lower-level medical staff lose their jobs, self-driving cars will replace the professional drivers. In addition, the machine writers write articles also have an advantage over humans.

9. participation in the work will exceed the number of robot human

Gartner says 45% of the company's future is expected to hire machine workers by 2018, which would outpace the number of workers. This can not only significantly reduce company costs, can also greatly enhance productivity.

10. driving AI is not the CPU, GPU

Main machine learning of giants such as Facebook and IBM will use more CPU for high-end GPU instead of the traditional. NVIDIA says his Tesla K80 GPU on 2 to 5 times faster than the Intel Xeon Phi 7120 times.

With NVIDIA GPU in the popularity of networking devices and automatic driving vehicles, the company is rising. While the Super Kings held the Intel chip in PC sales and data centers struggling under the double blow of slowing growth.


Artificial intelligence may not be taking your jobs, or completely change your life, but what is undeniable is that it is through mobile applications, social media and virtual assistants into everyone's daily life. Investors should keep in mind that, while tech giants need going all out to take the contention for the computer science "Holy Grail".

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