Artificial Intelligence WARNING: Can Intelligent Robots Replace Human Jobs By 2025?

- Sep 19, 2018-

In less than a decade, robots can take over 52% of jobs, forcing humans to rethink how they handle work.

According to the Geneva-based World Economic Forum (WEF), the number of robots taking over jobs from people will double from the current 29 percent.

The thinktank warned machines could force 75 million people out of jobs as early as 2022.

The WEF said in a report published today: "By 2025, more than half of all work tasks will be done by machines, compared with 29% today."

Although thousands of people lost their jobs over the next four years,the WEF thinks near twice as many more job opportunities will be created.

Improvements in workplace automation, artificial intelligence and technology could create as many as 133 million new jobs for humanity.

Boston University economist Pascual Restrepo said in February this year the process of machines taking over jobs from humans has been evident over the past 200 years.

But a more dire survey of 46 countries and 800 different work environments in 2017 found the number of people forced out of jobs by machines could near the one billion mark by 2030.

The report published by the McKinsey Global Institute said up to one-fifth of the world’s total workforce will feel the effects of automation.

According to the report, machine operators and food industry workers could be hit hardest in the next 12 years.

The report concludes that the advent of robots will create new jobs, but some countries will have to invest heavily in the workforce to stay ahead.

Artificial intelligence: 75 million jobs could be lost to robots in the near future

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