At Every Unique Voxel A Unique Design And Material Best Suited For That Point And Application

- Nov 26, 2018-

Voxel is a three-dimensional pixel.A voxel is a unit of three-dimensional space. It can be a space actually divided in a three-dimensional file, or it can be somewhere on a physical object.Voxels can be assigned values associated with the single point they represent.You can describe the density of an voxel, the color, the conductivity, and so on, all of which are related to the point that you recognize.This point is precisely located.Voxel is easy to understand as a concept, but it has not been fully utilized in 3D printing. Voxels let us imagine a world in which everything is made up of discrete lego blocks that we can identify and assign properties to.This concept is very exciting if we consider a programmable physical world.The world is not a mixture of pancakes. When you make a material, it can be plastic and changeable. The world is definable at every point. Materials is not just a sludge, we pour it out, harden it, turn it into something.Materials can be defined not only as an aggregate, but also as having its own characteristics at each location.

People who 3D print metals find that by changing their process variables, they can control individual microstructures and then give their parts different properties.Melt pool, melt pool speed, feed speed, temperature, spot size and all variables in the melt pool are under study.

An example of a Voxelfab object

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