Baltimore Manufacturing Students 3D Print Violins For Their Music Department

- Oct 10, 2018-

A Baltimore high school manufacturing program is teaming up with its music department in a creative way, making 3D-printed violins. When technology and music come together, great things can happen.

Students in the advanced manufacturing program at Carver Vocational-Technical High School on Baltimore's west side are proud of what they've created and decided to gift their music department with several electric 3D-printed violins.

Students also have several steps before completing the final work, such as connecting the strings, drawing and adding an electronic amplifier.

Essentially, the students used CAD files to come up "G Codes" for the design and then printed it out on one of their 3D printers.

The school has three 3D machines.The violin took 12 hours to print.They plan to do four more.

The program has attracted students interested in technology, engineering and manufacturing.Many of them went on to become CNC mechanics, making a lot of money.Now they are giving back to the school, feeling encouraged by the power of creation.

3D print violins

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