Black Panther And 3D Printing: PepsiCo Reveals Details About This Year’s Promotional Campaign

- Nov 02, 2018-

Marvel's Black Panther was a big success earlier this year, with 3D printing taking the lead through costume design.In addition, PepsiCo took advantage of the technology to have a limited edition series of Black Panther cans created, as seen at RAPID + TCT in May. Now, the company has released more details about the process of making the canning, which includes 3d-printed masks made by Protolabs.

The special cans are part of a propaganda tool that also includes Samsung tablets, comic books, behind-the-scenes photos, illuminated cardboard boxes with smart leds and, of course, 3D printed black panther masks.

The final parts were 3D printed by Protolabs and put through a series of compression, vibration and drop tests, which they passed, remaining securely on the can. Just before the black panther premiere, the propaganda tool was completed and sent to hundreds of online influencers and others involved in the film. According to Phinney, It took less than six months to conceptualize, design and produce the kit.

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