Clean2Antartica Unveils Daring Plan To Cross Antartica On 3D Printed Truck

- Nov 05, 2018-

In the summer of 2015, Edwin and Liesbeth were making dinner. When they tossed away another packaging, it was the straw that broke the camel's back. Why is it now 'worthless'? They empty their trash bins in the face of their own personal habits and widespread plastic consumption and waste. One thing lead to another and the Clean2Antartica dream was born: using recycled plastic, 3D printing creates a solar car that can take them to the cleanest place on earth: Antarctica.

3D printed building blocks

The next step is to dispose of all wasted plastics.So they cut up the pieces and melted them into filaments for thermoplastic extrusion of 3D printers. They then applied the concept to an industrial scale, using recycled particles from a waste plant. They used 40 3D printers to print 4,000 hexagonal printers. These building blocks inspired by honeycomb structures are designed to be both light and strong.

The Clean2Antartica mission

From Antarctica's base camp, Liesbeth and Edwin will drive to the South Pole and back. The sun never sets on the 2,400km journey through the icy desert. In -30°C, man and machine will be tested on the driest, coldest, and highest continent on the planet. It's about the power of embracing discomfort.Whether it's about exploring or taking the first step to reduce your plastic.

3D printed truck

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