Crack-Free 3D Printing Of Steel, Copper And More Made Possible With TRUMPF’s TruPrint 5000

- Nov 21, 2018-

Several 3D printers were unveiled or made their debut last week at formnext in Frankfurt, Germany. TRUMPF's TruPrint 5000 is one of the first printers to appear worldwide, designed to 3D print multiple metals, including high carbon steel and titanium alloys, without cracking or warping.3 d printers are heated to 500 ° C to adapt to the challenging metals.

3D printers should also be a bit of a draw for the jewelry industry, as green lasers can be used to 3D print individual unique COINS as needed.It doesn't waste expensive gold or silver, making it more economical than milling or casting, which involves the loss of material.

Some tool and tool steels favored by tool makers were previously unable to be 3D printed because they would crack during printing.

In addition to tools, TruPrint 5000 is well suited for 3D printing of prosthetic devices and implants.

Fehn expects this to open up new applications for 3D printing technology, such as the electronics and automotive industries.

Crack-Free 3D Printing of Steel

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