Researchers Develop High-Viscosity Liquid Jetting 3D Printer

- Nov 08, 2018-

Micro-droplet spray 3D printing usually USES materials with low viscosity, but in one item called "Research and Development of a 3D Jet Printer for High-Viscosity Molten Liquids," a team of researchers used this technique to study high-viscosity liquids. Micro-droplet jet manufacturing, or MDJM, is based on discrete deposition techniques, which "sprays liquid through a 3D printing device, controls the trajectory of the droplet ejection via the motion platform, accurately sprays the droplet at a specified position, and gradually accumulates into a three-dimensional model."

The technology is applied to biomedical manufacturing, three-dimensional microstructure manufacturing, microelectronics, microspacecraft and other fields. In the paper, the researchers developed a jet 3D printer consisting of piezoelectric stacking, driving frames, levers, insulation, radiators, heaters, needles and nozzles. By analyzing the principle of high viscosity fluid injection, a high viscosity fluid injection device is designed.

In the study, the researchers used a type of polyurethane.In future studies, the researchers concluded that the focus should be on the effects of other high-viscosity molten liquids that have not previously been used for 3D printing jets. This could open up new applications for the technology.

High-Viscosity Liquid Jetting 3D Printer

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