Dyze Design To Introduce Its New Pro Series Extruder And Hotend At The TCT Show

- Sep 25, 2018-

Montreal-based company Dyze Design has been in the 3D printing industry since 2015 developing and manufacturing cutting-edge high performance, reliable,and innovative extrusion systems and 3D printers components.So far, many 3D printer manufacturers have chosen their hoses, extruders and nozzles as OEM parts for their industrial or high-end printers.

The Canadian company is known for its DyzeXtruder-GT, a lightweight high performance and high pushing force 3D printer extruder,and for its DyzEnd-X hotend, a fast print, fast heating and high temperature hot end that enables precise readings up to 500°C.As a result,you can use any thermoplastics with the DyzEnd-X and DyzeXtruder-GT combo.

The Pro Series,which includes the DyzEnd Pro hotend and the DyzeXtruder Pro extruder,boasts increased performance compared to its predecessors.

The DyzEnd Pro has a really small form factor making it one of the smallest hotends on the market.It is designed with a new high temperature hot block,a new ceramic coated transition tube, vibration-damping properties,enhanced sealing performance, and a smaller vibration-resistant connector,better suited for 3D printers in enclosed environments.

As for the DyzeXtruder Pro,the all-metal extruder is very lightweight (around 300g) and also has one of the smallest form factors on the market: it is not larger than the NEMA 17 it uses, making it very space efficient on a multiple extruder configuration.In addition, the extruder is stronger than ever.

Dyze Design to Introduce Its New Pro Series Extruder

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