Engineer’s 3D Printed Spinning Top Toys Debut On Kickstarter

- Nov 13, 2018-

Kirkley Toys 3D prints affordable, simple toys for kids of all ages, and its first product, the classic spinning toy called Verso, is currently on Kickstarter. According to a 2017 Michigan Tech study, with the U.S. toy and game market expected to total $135 billion by 2020, 3D printing is certainly a viable option for making toys. One day, consumers can go to a brick-and-mortar store to interact, create, 3D print customized toys, or make them at home.You can even use 3D printing to modify existing toys.

With more than 20 days to go before the election, Verso is approaching half of its original fiscal goal. There are plenty of early bird rewards left: for just $2, you'll receive a 3D printed Verso spin top color, which you choose for Christmas!This is the best sock filler for kids.

The final $60 Verso enthusiasts promise to deliver in February 2019, which will not only bring you 10 3d-printed Verso tops, but you'll also receive STL documents about the top, bottom and plug of the toy so you can print at home yourself.


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