Releases True Food Safe Filament

- Sep 25, 2018- is a Canadian supplier of 3D printing materials.The company was founded by polymer experts who saw the opportunity to produce high-quality filament in Canada and now serve the international market.It produces filaments made with 100% virgin plastic with tolerances of +/-0.05mm on and +/-0.01mm ovality.Through their own manufacturing and direct sales, they are able to keep costs low without sacrificing quality.

The team is now turning to innovation and process control to introduce the next generation of filaments.The True FS line of filaments is the first true food safe filament in the world. Other filament manufacturers have mentioned that the plastic may be food safe but only has ensured that their entire manufacturing process results in a food safe filament.

What does this mean for 3D printer operators?

According to Founder Ron Rivkind,This product is different from other PLA filament on the market which claim food safety, as our product has been specialized in food safety as a key production component from the very beginning."

True FS Filaments will let users make food safe 3D printed products. Companies can make molds for chocolate, candy and other foods.Think of a special 3D printing mold in the shape of a tree for mashed potatoes for Christmas.Or cookie cutters might mean that the coffee shop has cookies for every major holiday or event.Bakeries and food service companies can make tools, machine parts and toppers with this filament.

By making PLA safe for food use has expanded what chefs,food service professionals, bakeries and you can use 3D printing.What's more, the company will launch the PETG variant on the market in a few months.months. Releases True Food Safe Filament

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