Footage Of World's Largest Plastic 3D Printer Printing Pedestrian Bridge

- Nov 18, 2018-

Polymaker has just released video from the Shanghai construction group 3D printers in the process of building the bridge.The bridge, which is 15 meters long and weighs 5,800 kilograms, takes 30 days to complete.The SGC has long enjoyed a reputation for building the world's second tallest building, the Shanghai tower. The 3D printer was built by Shenyang Machine Group and the extruder system was manufactured by Coin Robotic (who also built the bed), together totaling some $2.8 million in investment. Polymaker Industrial will be supplying the ASA (acrylonitrile styrene acrylate) plastic for the print, a material chosen for its favorable properties of weather and chemical resistance, thermal stability, and toughness. To determine which plastics are best for the job, Polymaker 3D printed a five-meter-long version of the bridge, using several different compounds, and then chose AS100GF for its overall strength and printability.The bridge can hold 13 tons or four people per square meter, so strength is crucial.

A pedestrian bridge over a lake is a great way to show off the largest 3D printed plastic object, as it is both a daily, practical application and an interactive one that includes people touching and even relying on (to prevent them from getting wet)3D printed objects. Many people have never been exposed to 3D printed objects, and they still see it as part of fantasy and future technology, so projects like this have done a lot of good work in getting the public to understand the realities and possibilities of 3D printing.

plastic 3D printer printing pedestrian bridge

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