Ford And Trinckle Partnering To Automate Design Of 3D Printed Production Tools

- Nov 12, 2018-

Ford, the popular carmaker that has long used 3D printing to make assembly tools, has recently been recognized for its work on the technology.The company is currently working with award-winning software company trinckle to automate the design process for its 3D printing production tools. The two companies will present joint projects at formnext next week.

Based in Berlin, trinckle, a 3D printing service and software company, specializes in product configuration and automated design. The company uses its cloud software parameters to create software applications that integrate users into processes for automated design of 3D printing products across a wide range of industries, including the automotive industry.

Many automakers use 3D printing to make assembly tools and hand tools such as fixtures and fixtures. It has many advantages, including lower weight and production costs and faster availability. Ford, which currently has more than 50 different 3D printing tools, is working with trinckle to further expand the range of the technology.

Automate Design of 3D Printed Production Tools

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