Formlabs Technology Make 3D Printed Anatomic Models Of Young Patient’s Palate And Nasal Cavity

- Oct 08, 2018-

Last summer, Formlabs introduced the Form Cell, an automated production solution that leverages its Form 2 3D printer. The automated, factory-ready solution uses a row of Form 2 3D printers, the Form Wash part washer and Form Cure curing station, and an industrial robotic gantry system, and can easily be added to an existing workflow, like the one at Northwell Health.

A recent study based on Northwell data suggests that complex cases can be reduced by at least 10 percent in the operating room if 3D printed models and/or surgical guidelines are used.Theoretically, this means that Northwell could save approximately $7 million within four years by 3D printing models on the Form Cell.

By using personalized, detailed 3d-printed anatomic models, surgeons can be more effective in preparing for difficult surgery, and can even preload equipment before starting the operation.Surgeons can use 3D printed, patient-specific surgical guidance during cancer and orthopaedic surgery, which is useful for precisely removing tumors and drilling down for optimal screw insertion.

Patient model 3D printed on Form 2

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