Freshfiber Offers Stylish 3D Printed Bands For The Apple Watch

- Sep 25, 2018-

Amsterdam-based company Freshfiber was an early promoter of 3D printing, the company sold fully 3D printing products in stores in 2009, at a time when most people had not even heard of the technology.At that time, smartphones were only starting to become ubiquitous, but Freshfiber saw an opportunity and took it, offering 3D printed phone cases that it described as sculptural works of art.When Apple announced the development of the smart apple watch, Freshfiber was ready for a new demand - 3D printed watch bands.

Now Freshfiber is introducing a new collection of bands for the Apple Watch. There are three designs: the Pulse, the Obsidian and the Aurora.

Freshfiber describes the structure of each of the bands as "a flat strip of material helix coiled into a flattened spiral," each is made of semi-rigid nylon and wound into a spiral spring.The bands are flexible and strong, and if stretched or twisted, they return to their original shape.

In addition to the different styles, the watch is available in five different colors: black, grey, brown, red and if you've got some money to spare, you can get a whole collection of different bands, to match each outfit or situation.Each model costs €37.15.The designs were created by Matthijs Kok, Creative Director of Freshfiber.

Freshfiber is introducing a new collection of bands for the Apple Watch

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