Gantri’s Artistic Lamps Illuminate The Possibilities Of 3D Printing

- Oct 10, 2018-

There's nothing like a good light to connect the room, and 3D printing opens the floodgates to some very cool lamps. Ian Yang, founder of Gantri, loves 3D printed lamps – so much so that he started a company dedicated to them. Gantri is officially a housewares company, but lighting and lamps are a focal point, and they’re all 3D printed by designers from around the world.The company introduced 30 3-d printing lamps last year, all for less than $200.

As Gantri explains, 3D printing allows some fairly complex, tidy designs, and it also helps designers to put their designs into practice more quickly.Traditional manufacturing processes usually require 18 to 24 months to launch a new product, but Gantri, using 3D printing, can have a product ready in about 12 to 14 weeks.

Gantri's designers hail from all over the world; there are artists from North America, Brazil, Colombia, the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy and the Ukraine. Each brings a distinctive vision to the table; you won’t find anything like most of these lamps at IKEA.All of Gantry's lamps are 3D printed with sustainable PLA, available in shades of white, grey and black. Put a Gantri lamp in your home, and you definitely will have a conversation-starter.

Gantri’s Artistic 3D Printing Lamps

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