Henri Canivez’s 3D Printed Data Stool Will Be Unique To You

- Oct 30, 2018-

Designer Henri Canivez's Data Stool has a unique size and shape depending on the person. A person can sit on a data recording stool that will measure and measure the user.Depending on your weight and size, a unique data stool will be 3D printed in the appropriate size.The stool measures both the height and weight of your lower body.More importantly, a unique design will be created with each bench a little different depending on your size.

If you're heavier it will add in denser structures or even change the design to support you. Canivez's intent was to make data visible. Data surrounds us and powers so much of our lives.By creating a unique stool to make the data acquisition visible, he hopes to have a completely unique way to look at how the data surrounds and affects us based on the data. Canivez showcased his design at the Design Academy Graduation during Dutch Design Week.

The final stool itself will be made in two versions. One is 3D printed on a Builder Extreme 3D printer in PLA.Another version of the data stool is made of aluminum and glass-filled nylon. To make the stool Henri worked together with Dutch 3D Printer company Builder and CNC Speedform.

Designer Henri Canivez‘s Data Stool

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